West Palm Beach

I recently took a couple days to travel to West Palm Beach to do a site tour for Saumya’s upcoming wedding at the Breakers West Palm Beach. I arrived the week after hurricane Irma. I was not sure what to expect, was there going to be power outages, shortage of water? But by the time I arrived it seemed like all was back to normal. There were piles of broken tree limbs and leafs in the neighborhoods and one of their major shopping areas was closed down but other than that the city looked like it was trying to get back to normal as quickly as possible.

While we were touring the grounds of the Breakers, Saumya and her planners, L’Escape, were showing me where the pre wedding and wedding events will all take place. I was thinking what a beautiful place West Palm Beach is. I asked Saumya if she had an extra hour or two in her day to take some photos. I figured while we were there we might as well take advantage of their major shopping area being closed and we could use that as a cool background for some photos of her.

Below are a few of my favorite photos of Saumya. I am looking forward to her wedding next month and sharing the photos with you.


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