The Bespoke Guide is Here

The Bespoke Guide to Indian Weddings is here!

I received a phone call from a dear friend of mine asking me all of the rituals and ceremonies of an Indian wedding. I spent about an hour on the phone with her explaining the many events that happen at an Indian wedding, all of the pre events, and ceremonies and of course the wedding day itself. Once I got off the phone with her I was thinking, there is no one place where you can go and find out everything that happens at an Indian wedding. What the names of the events are and what to expect as a guest or a vendor at the wedding. So myself, along with Exquisite Events decided to put together a guide explaining all of these things in a Bespoke Guide. This took us a little under a year to complete. It is a compilation of weddings we have worked together in the past and shares our views, insights and of course our photography on Indian weddings. We also included a little wedding inspiration for you at the end of the pamphlet with work we have done together with some of our favorite wedding pros.

I hope that this guide can help you, your family and friends have a better understanding of what happens at an Indian wedding.


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