Sydney Australia Part I

What a great experience we had photographing Rupal and Sri’s destination wedding. We have photographed destination weddings before, our last wedding that we photographed out of the country was in Delhi India. So we were prepared for the long flight. When we landed in Sydney we wanted to get a sense for where things were to take place so we spent some time getting to know the city and where all of Rupal and Sri’s wedding festivities were to take place.

We got a little time to be tourists and see the Sydney Opera house, and some of the local shops and restaurants. Unfortunately it was raining the entire time we were there so we did not get to explore the beaches. But, I must say I didn’t miss the beaches because we got to hang out near the Sydney Opera house almost every day and it never got old. There were so many people around the Opera House and so much going on that every day it felt like a new experience. The Opera House was so grand and so beautiful and the bay that it was in was always busy with boats and cruises.

Luckily during Sri’s bharat the rain stopped for just the right amount of time that all of their guests stayed dry during all the dancing. For their ceremony the rain did come down (that is why you will see the umbrellas in their photos). Despite the rain they had an amazing ceremony with heartfelt joy surrounded by their family and friends.

In our next post we will share with you their reception and photos at the Sydney Opera House.

Want to check out our behind the scenes video from our portrait session in Sydney? Click here to view the video.


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