Our visit to Mumbai India

Mumbai is a really special place to me. It is where my guru, Radhanath Swami, runs his temple. I have been to Mumbai a couple times before and I have always wanted to go for the famous Flower Festival that is held at Sri Sri Radha Gopinath Mandir every January. It is a festival where people from all around the world attend.

We started in the morning, preparing for the festival by plucking flower petal. We plucked etals from more than one ton of flowers from neighboring farms. I sat next to a group of women from Europe and Australia. While we were plucking flower petals we listened to a class by Radhanath Swami. In the class he told us the meaning of the festival. He explained that throughout history flowers have been a symbol of love and that late in the evening we would be using the plucked flower petals to shower one another with our love. Since people were there from all parts of the globe he explained that the festival was one of unity in diversity.

The video that Gene put together shows the night time festival. We had so much fun, actually more than I ever thought we would. The atmosphere was electric and really was a shower of love.

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