Video with Kamal of Beverly Hills

Welcome back to our series of videos “Braja Mandala Presents” where I introduce you to some of the best wedding professionals in the industry. If you haven’t seen my previous videos with Wildflower Linen or Oscar Makeup feel free to brush up on some fab makeup tips and wedding design.

In our current video we have some fun girl time with Sabaa Kamal of Kamal of Beverly Hills talking all things glamour. Not only do they offer clothing for the bride to be but also if you are attending a wedding they have so many styles to choose from. Yes I died and went to fashion heaven when I entered the doors of Kamal of Beverly Hills. What really struck me was their great customer service and their ability to custom design a wedding outfit. Not only do they carry some beautifully designed clothing they also offer personal customization on wedding attire. Say if you don’t like the sleeves on a certain dress then they can go to their design studio, sketch you another option and have it made for you. Now thats what I call great service.

Not only does Kamal of Beverly Hills have great clothing but they also offer super cute accessories everything from cute hand bags to statement rings. So even if you are not wanting to buy an outfit you can always add some Eastern flair with one of their necklaces or jeweled encrusted clutches.

Hope you enjoy the video and get some fashion inspiration for your own wedding day. If you are in the Beverly Hills area be sure to visit Kamal of Beverly Hills for some fun shopping.

Kamal of Beverly Hills


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