Happy New Year

What can I say about 2014. It was filled with beautiful brides, amazing adventures and fun times with friends and family. So, I thought to myself, how should I start posting for the new year. Last year, I did a recap of some of my most memorable photos of 2013. But, everyone does that. I wanted to be a little different. So, why not post a video to highlight my destination wedding to Sydney, Australia.

I hope you like it. I had realization on my trip that made my year. I was sitting having a vegetarian lunch with my clients, Rupal and Sri who both follow the same path of Eastern philosophy that I do. I was in Australia, doing what I love, with people I truly connected with and having the time of my life. I found myself realizing that I truly have found my path in life and I love what I do. Stay tuned, I’m working on all of the photos.


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