Photo shoot with Gopi Skirts by Radhika

Being a long time vegitarian cow protection has played an important part in my life. We recently teamed up with Gopi Skirts by Radhika NehaAssar HennaArtistry Dolled Up By Lulu and Fiori Couture which are all beautiful ladies and amazing tallents at an eco friendly farm in Southern California where the cows are protected and wont be killed or sold. Now, in all honesty Im not much of a farm girl as I do prefer the city but it is nice every now and then to get outside and step into nature.

Below are some behind the scenes photos of us girls together the day of our shoot

We spent the day at the farm creating a few different looks, hopefully some of these looks will inspire you on your wedding day or even a pre wedding event. Let us know which look is your favorite.

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