Engagement session in the Dunes

Behind the scenes photos with Braja taking Poonam & KJ’s dune engagement
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Featured in South Asian Bride Magazine’s blog

We received a call from KJ about photographing their engagement session after getting to know them we came to find out that they are from the dance troop Bhangra Empire. They have performed at the White House First Sate Dinner that was hosted by President Obama to honor the Prime Minister of India. They have also appeared on Season 5 of NBC’s hit show America’s Got Talent. They have also been featured in Harpers Bazaar along side First Lady Michelle Obama as on of her favorite talent groups. Needless to say we were honored to have the opportunity to photograph their engagement session.

While speaking with Poonam and KJ about their engagement session they wanted to do something a little different and step outside of their comfort zone. Because they are having a destination beach wedding we thought it would be a good idea to do the complete opposite and photograph their engagement session in the sand dunes.

We hiked about a mile into the dunes, well maybe not a whole mile but when you are hiking in the sand it seems a lot longer, so that we could get sand that was not touched by anyone else. The waves in the sand that were created by the wind were beautiful and we were happy that we got to experience the changing landscape due to the wind.

I hope that you enjoy their engagement photos and get some inspiration for your own engagement.

Photo tip – think outside the box when choosing your photo locations for your engagement session. Pick a place where you first met, had your first date, or somewhere that you like to travel to. Make it personal and different.

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