Diya’s Haldi

The haldi ceremony is one of my favorite pre wedding events. It is always filled with fun and laughter. So what is a haldi ceremony anyways? In our Bespoke Guide you can learn all about a haldi ceremony and many other aspects of an Indian wedding. But a haldi or pithi ceremony is typically performed at the bride and or groom’s home a couple of days prior to the wedding. Family members and close friends take turns applying the yellow haldi paste onto the bride and groom. They do so with love and shower their blessings on the bride and groom to be. After the haldi paste is applied it leaves a glow to the bride and groom and makes them look beautiful on their wedding day.

Braja Mandala and Diya on her haldi morning

Henna by Henna San Diego
Photos by Braja Mandala
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